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The following addresses are for personal contact only, it's not allowed to use these addresses for any kind of mass-mailing, including mailing-lists by galleries, festivals, art-projects or similar.


Marcel Schwierin (editor)

mailto: marcel[at]


Werkleitz Gesellschaft e. V.
Marcel Schwierin
Schleifweg 6
D-06114 Halle (Saale)


Martin Müller
mailto: mm[at]

data processing

Marcie K. Jost
mailto: marcie[at]


If you find errors in cinovid please report them to marcel[at]

Please copy the complete location from your browser location toolbar and add the last name of the person or one significant word of the title. Send us the correct information with a source to improve your correction or a brief argument so we can check whether your correction seems to be reasonable. Please include your full postal address in the eMail.

An error in the vita of Stan Brakhage could look like this:
The date of birth is wrong, Brakhage is born the X Sep YYYY. Check out ...

An error in the information about the film Chartres Series could look like this:
The format of production is wrong, it's S8, not 16mm. This information was given by Brakhage himself to me.


adding data

If you want to add data into cinovid, please mail them to marcel[at]

Unfortunately we are not able to add works by individual artists so far. We have to reduce our very limited recources to cooperations with distributions. We hope to change it one day.

But we are able to publish about every experimental filmmaker or video artist the following informations:
- name (and artist name)
- e-mail adress
- URL (artist home page or another constant source)
- country of residence
- city of residence
- biography (date and place of birth, education, general description of the kind of artistic work, fields in which the artist is working. Please do not send lists with exhibitions or works).
- bibliography

We are always interested in any of these informations for every artist which is in cinovid. Please use the same way as described in errors above.

We are always interested in synopsis in English for every work which is in cinovid. Please use the same way as described in errors above.


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